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Vitta Corporation has been developing and manufacturing nickel based alloys and materials for specialized brazing applications for over 35 years.

Internationally, Vitta Corporation sells certified nickel filler metals (powder, paste, tape, foil, rope, etc.) for use in a variety of diverse brazing, coating and joining applications.

Vitta brazing materials and powders are used in:

In general... Vitta nickel brazing powder products are used in the fabrication and repair of equipment and parts required to operate under high-temperature, corrosive, and/or harsh environment conditions.

Visit our Braz-Tech section for reference information on brazing.

Our Bulletin Board is an open forum for the exchange of ideas on the subject of brazing. Please be sure to visit it often.

In addition to brazing products, Vitta is the world's leading manufacturer of sealing glass transfer tapes. These tapes are used in the optical, electronic, and ceramic industries for joining and sealing a wide variety of components.

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