As a service to our customers, Vitta maintains a list of experts in the field of brazing who are available for consultation.
If you need help in solving a brazing problem, increasing productivity, or want instruction on brazing we can provide you with a list of consultants that may be able to help you.

Please contact us describing what your requirements are and we will send you a list of consultants that may meet your needs.
Disclaimer- Vitta does not get involved in setting or negotiating the fees or terms of employment nor can Vitta guarantee that the consultant will meet your expectations or requirements. Vitta's only involvement is to provide you with a list of consultants who may be able to help you. It is up to the organization doing the hiring to determine if an individual consultant can meet their needs. All agreements regarding the fees and terms of employment of the consultant are to be negotiated directly between the consultant and the organization hiring the consultant.

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