Brazing Products


Vitta high purity, gas atomized, fully certified high temperature brazing filler metal powders are available for both vacuum and inert atmosphere furnace applications.

Powders are available in different mesh sizes in all standard alloy designations, such as those specified by the American Metals Society (AMS), the American Welding Society (AWS), General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and others. Powders are also available for diffusion braze repair processes.

Standard Packaging for powders include 5, 10 or 50 lb. containers, with other container sizes available upon request. (Common powder alloy specifications offered by Vitta)

Brazing Pastes

Vitta Braz-Pastes are formulated from Vitta-Braz alloy powders and specialty grade organic binders. Binders are chosen to decompose cleanly, well below brazing / working temperatures, leaving no residue. Several different environmentally friendly binder formulations are available.

Braz Pastes are designed for easy application,long shelf life, and have superior adhesion qualities. Clean up of excess wet or dry Braz-Paste can be easily accomplished using only water.

Standard packaging includes: 3.5 oz. syringes, 8 oz. cartridges, and 5 lb. bulk containers. Assorted syringe / cartridge sizes and tip configurations are available upon request. (Common Braz-Paste Alloy Specifications offered by Vitta)

Brazing Tapes

Vitta high temperature Braz-Tapes provide a precise and easy method for applying controlled amounts of filler metals or coating alloys. Tape application offers more consistent brazing results, is cleaner, and reduces health concerns vs. powder alloy brazing. Typical applications include Honeycomb Seal Brazing, Felt Metal Seal Brazing, Build Up of worn or cracked areas, as well as Hard Facing applications.
Tapes consist of a high density layer containing the brazing or coating alloy and selected organic binders on a plastic carrier.

Tapes are available in any thicknesses between 0.002 inches (0.05 mm) to 0.080 inches (2.0 mm) and in widths from 0.125 inches (3 mm) to 24 inches (600 mm.) Braz-Tapes are available with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing and can be produced from any alloy that is available as a powder. (Common Braz-Tape Alloy Specifications offered by Vitta)

Brazing Foil

Vitta Amorphorous Brazing Foils are available in several different alloy specifications in thicknesses ranging up to 0.003 inches (0.076 mm.)


Vitta Braz-Rope is a dry, continuous, highly flexible strand of brazing filler metal in rope form and is designed for furnace brazing. This unique brazing product allows for consistent application of braze filler metal resulting in more uniform braze fillets.

Braz-Rope is available in all standard alloy designations in a range of diameters from 0.020 to 0.100 inches (0.50 - 2.54 mm).

Vitta Braz-Rope is sold by the pound on spools. (Common Braz-Rope Alloy Specifications offered by Vitta)


Vitta 1AL and 1YT Braz-Stop materials are parting compounds designed to prevent molten filler metal from touching and brazing base metal parts, and to keep holes and cut / milled areas free from molten metals. In addition, these Stop-Offs are also useful in keeping stacks of parts from sticking together during heat-treating, protecting threads from scaling, and for keeping parts from bonding to their furnace fixtures.

1AL Braz-Stop is recommended for general brazing applications and is available as a transfer tape, paste and water based paint.

1YT Braz-Stop is a rare earth composition for use on titanium and reactive base alloys, and is available as a paste, paint, or transfer tape.

All Vitta Braz-Stops clean up easily after brazing with simple brushing, air jetting or washing with water. No grinding or blasting of finished parts is required to remove these Stop-Offs.

Braz-Binder Gel

Vitta Braz-Binder Gel is used for mixing with powders to make free flowing brazing pastes. This water-based binder will mix with and suspend powdered brazing filler metal alloys into smooth uniform pastes or slurries for furnace brazing applications.

This viscous gel is manufactured from non-hazardous polymers and water and is designed to burn-off cleanly, well below working / brazing temperatures leaving little or no residue.

This product exhibits superior dispersing, suspension, thickening and adhesion qualities and is packaged in 500 gram jars.

Other Brazing Products, Materials & Aids

Braz-Cement: Vitta A-10 Braz-Cement is a water based moderate viscosity liquid binder cement designed for general purpose brazing applications. This colorless product contains no solvents other than water and combines the dual properties of binder and dilutant. It may be added directly to powdered brazing materials.

Brazing Preforms: Vitta brazing preforms are made from brazing tape or foil and are made to customer specified dimensions. Preforms are easy to handle and offer considerable advantages where controlled thickness of brazing joint and uniform coverage are required. The flexible properties of preforms allow for usage on both flat and rounded surfaces.

Braze Tape Application Machines: These machines are designed to press brazing transfer tapes into honeycomb rings and honeycomb segments. The Model 105 is a floor standing unit with electric motor drive and honeycomb heater, and is suitable for high production usage. The Model 54 is designed for bench-top mounting and features a hand crank drive. Both models utilize internally mounted air cylinders for raising and lowering pressure rollers. Various options for feed table design, roller configuration and gap adjustment devices are also available. Vitta can also design and build custom machinery for your tape application requirement. Please contact us for details.

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